Generation 2 8 Zone Now Available!




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Awesome! Just ordered one for my Dad’s 70th birthday. I’m sure he’ll love it.


Thanks for the Update, Just bought mine on Rachio Website,


Bought it today on the Rachio website. It’s so new, when can we expect it to ship? My lawn needs it!


I’m being told it will ship tomorrow.



When will this be available in Home Depot stores?


Don’t believe 8 zone available in retail stores (only 16), but next day or so will be available at THD online.

Hope this helps.



I’m in! Been waiting for this. Delivered on Friday. Won’t be turning my system back on until early May though (Colorado Springs) so the wait will be agonizing. Want to make sure everything starts up okay before installing… In theory at least lol, not sure I will be able to resist.


You can still connect to internet, etc. without actually attaching solenoid wires, might be a good idea so you can make sure connectivity, etc. works :wink:



Really surprised to see Amazon have this scheduled for delivery today. Only ordered yesterday on Prime, first time I think anything’s ever arrived early.

I think I will have to test connectivity at least lol.


Crazy logistics going on there :wink:



Meanwhile THD can’t even get it in their online store. :confused: I have a $200 gift cert there, but it may not matter soon… :grinning:


I ordered mine Monday night along with an outdoor enclosure. I got the enclosure two days ago, the Gen 2 still hasn’t shipped. When can we expect shipping?


When will Gen 2 be available in Canada?? Neither Amazon nor your website will ship to Canada. Cheers.


Where did you order the unit from?



Here is what I am being told regarding Canada.

GEN 2 16 Zone can be shipped to CAN if ordered through Amazon. 8 Zone is TBD as we are waiting for AMAZON to flip the switch.
CAN . com ( Amazon / BBY / THD ) all should be early May as we will need CAN packaging in those markets.



Rachio store Order #1847.


Will the 8 zone be available to commercial installers soon?
Asking as debating to purchase on my own now or wait to buy thru installer who put in our system. Installer said he’d cover labor warranty for 2 years if buy thru him. Can’t wait to get this either way!


We will be shipping tonight and system is estimating Monday, Tuesday at the latest.

It looks like your order was placed before the system was live through our fulfillment process.

Tonight I’ll PM you some Rachio swag. Thanks for your patience and sorry for the mixup.

Looks like the order did not enter the automated system since the cutover was midnight I believe.