Gen3 stuck on 4th light

Hey Guys,

I’m running into multiple issues with the Rachio Gen 3. I got past my first issue of having an iPhone 11 unable to onboard the device by using the script on my ubuntu laptop. However, while I was able to get past the 2nd blinking amber light I now have an issue with the 4th light perpetually blinking. While that is occurring the script is infinitely polling displaying “Connection State: WAITING_INIT_DATA”.

I have a Rachio Gen 3 connected to a Google Wifi 3-puck 5GHz mesh network into my Ubiquiti security firewall and out the network. In my Google Wifi app i do see the Rachio as a device on the network so I know it is connected.

Any thoughts why the device is unable to register?

My RouteThis key is: 3QTZTRH9

Hey defparam! I’ve got an idea why you’re running into this.

4th light blinking means your controller hasn’t been activated yet. Activation happens through the app. It’s great you have the connect script, you’ll need that as well with the iPhone 11 problem. First though, you’ll need to run through setup even with the WiFi issue on your phone. Check the app store for an update too, we just (about 15 minutes ago) pushed out an update that makes the onboarding process a lot smoother when this firmware issue is present. Here’s the steps to get you all setup and going.

  1. You’ll need to reset the WiFi on your Rachio. Do this by holding the WiFi looking button to the bottom left of the white controls on the controller. You’ll need it to have the 2nd quadrant blinking yellow.
  2. Run through setup in the app. This will fail to work with WiFi (if version 4.1.6 isn’t available yet in the app store, it takes time to roll out) but it will still activate your controller.
  3. When you get to the screen that says “an error occurred” when attempting to connect your Rachio to WiFi, run the script and continue the setup in app once the script is showing you the connection status.
  4. Continue through the app, it’ll attempt to talk to the device and will also get the Rachio added to your account which gets it past the 4th light.

Version 4.1.6 will be showing up soon that detects the firmware issue and alters the onboarding process to better guide you through the process. If that’s available, you should be able to reattempt to onboard your controller and won’t need to reset wifi. If it’s not out yet (it can take 24 hours for updates to roll out on the app store) the steps above should get you all setup. Let me know if you run into issues or have questions though.


Hey zachio,

Thanks! I got it registered! the iOS Version 4.1.6 app is not on the appstore yet but I was able to get the entire registration process to work with the Version 4.1.5 app. The key part I was missing was running the linux script while the iOS app was attempting to register the unit. Once my iPhone failed the device onboarding I ran the linux script to completion, went back to the iPhone to continue the registration process and it finished the full way!

Seems like a nasty interoperability bug between the newer phones and your Wifi baseband chips. Hopefully the process gets easier for future customers.

In any case thanks for the support!


Agreed, and that’s what it is. Our WiFi vendor had a firmware defect blocking some messages from newer chips.

Thank you so much for your patience and welcome to the community!