Gen3 schedule didn't run (due to rain sensor)

The title says it all. I had a schedule set to run this morning before the sun came up. It didn’t water. Maybe I’m doing something wrong?

Do you have a rain sensor? Is there anyway you can look at your history feed and see what it says before your schedule was about to run?

The rain sensor was activated and immediately deactivated.

What kind of rain sensor do you have? Can you post a photo of your rain sensor’s wiring?

Are both of the black wires a part of the sensor? Are the white and red also from the sensor?

The black ones are the sensor wires. I went 1 to 1 from the old controller to this new Rachio one.

Can you let me know the brand?

We have a few different sensor wiring setups for the different types -->

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I’ll take a picture when I get home. I’m unsure of the brand. Thanks for the link.

Please let me know what you find. Definitely want to get this solved for you.

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I verified and the rain sensor is currently activated which will not allow schedules to run.


Well I guess I’ll need to figure this one out. I’ll post the picture when I get home. It’s two sensor cables and the link that was shared mentioned not to plug both in.

Here’s a picture of the sensor:

If it is just two wire, one should go into S1 or S2 and the other should go into -24 VAC.

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Yep. Just now figured that out per that link and tested it. This is solved. Thanks for the help.

@the901Very glad to hear it got resolved. Enjoy your Rachio 3!!


The more I get familiar with it, the more I’m liking it. Thanks again.

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I have this same issue, constant cycling of the rain sensor. This is a three wire, plus the 24v.

Any thoughts most welcome.

@golfbravo - what make and model of rain sensor? Can a picture of the current wiring be posted?

See this post where swapping the VAC wires was the solution:

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Here are pics of the sensor and the wiring. Three wires yellow, brown & white (plus 24V).

I wired it as per the old system


@golfbravo - move the white wire in S1 to the 24VAC - terminal and in the app have nothing connected to S1 and the rain sensor connected to S2.

See ->

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