Gen3 Personal Weather Station Question(s)

I have a PWS (Davis Vantage Pro2) that I maintain and is well calabrated. It is registered with CWOP(Citizen Weather Observer Program) and viewable on the MADIS(Meteorological Assimilation Data Ingest System) Network. I update every 10 minutes. I do NOT currently report to PWSWeather Network. I have checked to make sure my station is avaible and on the APRSWXNET MEMBERSHIP list. Question… if I choose “Weather Station” my station does not show up as a selection (even zoomed in all the way on the map, considering I’m in the same registered location). Do I need to interface with the PWSWeather Network, or am I considered one of the 300,000+ sources? Then the other question, if I have a really good weather station that I maintain meticulously, is it still better to trust/use other sources for better performance?

Side question… I do web development and have experience with APIs, and being a lazy developer and not wanting to read other developers documentation and always wanting a quick/correct answer… is it possible too directly interact with my Gen3 Rachio if I wrote my own local app and push local data to the device

@Jimidiah - Gen3 uses Weather Underground for its weather information. I believe Weather Underground is fixing an undocumented feature (AKA bug) that is preventing some PWSs from showing up. I’m not sure if that would be the issue here or not.

As far as communicating directly to the Gen3, I think everything needs to go through Rachio’s cloud - so no go or “Negative Ghost rider the pattern is full”.


@DLane I got it… I quit uploading to WU… I can always start back up, but just have personal issues with IBM. I was hoping just having the CWOP membership would allow it. I can always give back to big blue. thanks!

Jimidiah - the Gen2 uses AERIS which picks up CWOP stations.

And yes, if a PWS is well maintained then I’d use that data. Some people grab a close by PWS that they don’t own and they’ll have no idea if the PWS is off-line or needs maintenance, etc. that can lead to problems.

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CWOP should work. What is your station ID?


@franz : D3450 DW3450 also a good (not as many features… startup) is Weather Cloud


Is this your station?

“success”: true,
“error”: null,
“response”: {
“id”: “MID_D3450”,
“loc”: {
“long”: -95.97307,
“lat”: 41.23872
“place”: {
“name”: “omaha”,
“city”: “omaha”,
“state”: “ne”,
“country”: “us”
“periods”: [
“summary”: {
“timestamp”: 1528261200,
“dateTimeISO”: “2018-06-06T00:00:00-05:00”,
“ymd”: 20180606,
“range”: {
“maxTimestamp”: 1528323000,
“maxDateTimeISO”: “2018-06-06T17:10:00-05:00”,
“minTimestamp”: 1528261200,
“minDateTimeISO”: “2018-06-06T00:00:00-05:00”,
“count”: 101
“temp”: {
“maxC”: 36,
“maxF”: 97,
“minC”: 22,
“minF”: 71,
“avgC”: 27.6,
“avgF”: 81.7,
“count”: 101
“dewpt”: {
“maxC”: 24,
“maxF”: 75,
“minC”: 18,
“minF”: 65,
“avgC”: 20.7,
“avgF”: 69.3,
“count”: 101
“rh”: {
“max”: 86,
“min”: 40,
“avg”: 68,
“count”: 101
“pressure”: {
“maxMB”: 1012,
“maxIN”: 29.88,
“minMB”: 1007,
“minIN”: 29.75,
“avgMB”: 1009.4,
“avgIN”: 29.81,
“count”: 101
“visibility”: {
“maxKM”: null,
“maxMI”: null,
“minKM”: null,
“minMI”: null,
“count”: 0,
“avgKM”: null,
“avgMI”: null
“wind”: {
“maxKTS”: 4,
“maxKPH”: 8,
“maxMPH”: 5,
“gustKTS”: 16,
“gustKPH”: 29,
“gustMPH”: 18,
“count”: 101,
“minKTS”: 0,
“minKPH”: 0,
“minMPH”: 0,
“avgKTS”: 1.6,
“avgKPH”: 3,
“avgMPH”: 1.9
“precip”: {
“totalMM”: 0,
“totalIN”: 0,
“count”: 101,
“trace”: false,
“traceCount”: 0,
“QC”: “C”,
“method”: “max24hr”,
“QCcode”: 20
“weather”: {
“coded”: null,
“count”: 0,
“phrase”: “Partly Cloudy”,
“primary”: “Partly Cloudy”,
“primaryCoded”: “::SC”,
“icon”: “pcloudy.png”
“sky”: {
“max”: 100,
“min”: 0,
“avg”: 60,
“count”: 101,
“coded”: [
“solrad”: {
“maxWM2”: 1006,
“minWM2”: 0,
“avgWM2”: 359,
“totalWM2”: null,
“method”: null,
“count”: 101
“QC”: {
“max”: 10,
“min”: 10,
“types”: [
“count”: 101
“spressure”: {
“maxMB”: 970,
“maxIN”: 28.63,
“minMB”: 967,
“minIN”: 28.55,
“avgMB”: 967.9,
“avgIN”: 28.58,
“count”: 101
“profile”: {
“tz”: “America/Chicago”,
“elevM”: 371,
“elevFT”: 1217,
“hasPrecip”: true

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@franz that is it nice to see what the json looks like

It should be available in your list of stations with gen2, if not we can look into it.


I think the title was wrong … I have a gen3 … understand if it is not available now. (edit) does it matter if you have rapid fire on for the Weather Underground or just picks up data before watering?

Ah ok. Is the station available on WU? If yes you should see it on your station map. IBM WU said the fix for station availability (some stations not appearing on our map) would be released today but I haven’t heard anything yet.

Rapid fire?


@franz … rapid fire updates every 2-3 seconds on WU.

@franz… thanks for your help… might be returning the unit… But your help has been helpful.

Just curious why are you thinking of returning the unit?


@franz - it may be this:

@jimidiah - The Gen 2 (still available) uses CWOP and not WU - if that matters.


If that’s the case I can get you onto Gen2 weather :wink: that is not IBM or WU.


@franz … my old system is fine. Thanks

Looks like IBM released the fix, I can see my PWS + all the locals around my location. :grinning:

They did release a fix, I’m still seeing some missing PWS, but glad you can see yours!