Gen3 Manually works. Schedule shows it working but never triggers valve and history shows it working fine

My Gen3 (brand new) manually works every time,but in app and browser when schedule runs it shows it working but never triggers valve and history shows it working fine runs through all zones. Checked valve and all zones work normally. My phone/Rachio and computer are all on same network.

If you do a Quick Run of a single zone, does the app or website show it running (counting time)? Does the zone light blink on the controller? Does the valve operate?

If the above all works correctly, what happens if you do a Quick Run of a schedule?

Hi thanks for input! On the website when I do a quick run it shows the countdown and led on unit is on zone number but doesn’t trigger valve. But when I turn on zone at the controller It triggers the valve.

Does your system have a master valve or pump that somehow might not be getting activated?

Does it have a rain or other sensor that could be inhibiting watering?

Is there fix? It’s 90+ degrees here in Massachusetts I might have to swap my old one back.

No rain sensor valve triggers manually. I removed the wiring and sensor years ago

I even swapped the com “C” terminals to see if it was the terminal

According to my history it looks like it’s been running all schedules accordingly no troubles or errors

Are you sure that it is the common wire you have in the C terminal? Do you have a photo of the wiring from your original controller and a photo showing the wiring on your R3?

I don’t have a picture of old wiring. I labeled all wires before removal. All zones work manually from controller.

Can you post a photo of the way you have wired the R3?

I am not sure what you mean all zones work manually from the controller. Most people here think of the Rachio as the controller. Earlier I think you said when you do a quick run the water does not actually come on. If you are saying that you can turn the valves on manually at the box/manifold then it sounds to me as if it is a wiring issue.

How can it be a wiring issue when it works at the Rachio controller?