Gen2 with HomeKit working

I can switch each zone on/off from whitin Homekit using our Apple devices. Even use the Homekit scheduler.
To get this working I use a combination of software.
Home Assistant

No problem to share my setup files etc.

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@conradh we’d love to hear more about how you set this up!

Hi Emil.
Yes I will. But I am very busy at the moment.
Maybe this weekend.
Just tested Siri to start or stop a zone. Works perfect.
Just say at Siri: start water lawn.


Just created a new topic where I explained how I got it all working.

Can you please link us to that post ?

@Salmanslim -

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Here you can find a complete script setup

This is an abomination :wink:


What does abomination mean? You don’t like the setup from within Home Assistant?
Unfortunately the native plugin doesn’t work anymore. So the route with IFTTT works. Except the delay in response time. Various from 5 to 45 minutes after a zone finishes.

The IFTTT response time is now below 5 minutes!! Great.

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Perhaps wishful thinking but I immediately read between the lines…