Gen2 controller dead after 3 minutes of use


I recently purchased a new Gen2 8-zone Controller which failed after 3 minutes of use.
I went through the whole setup (setup every zone and the watering schedule) and everything was working fine. Being satisfied with the setup, I went ahead and installed the plastic face plate and the controller suddenly went dead (no blue lit LEDs). I unplugged and replugged the power supply multiple times with no blue LEDs lit or connection to the Wi-Fi network.
I tested the power supply with my multimeter and it read fine so it must be the controller.

Has anyone experienced such a failure?

I already opened a ticket thru the app (688032). Hopefully support will get back to me soon rather than having to ship it back to the retailer.

Model: 8ZULW-B
Firmware: iro2-firmware-5-119

Sounds like could be a defective unit. Our great support team will be able to get an RMA unit out if that is indeed the issue.


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