Gen 3 won’t connect

Just got my gen 3 restarted modem ran diagnostic but won’t connect. Basically it just times out and says there was an error. Anyone have any advice. Using an iPhone updated software 2 bar signal strength at controller

@Will - give the board some more information about the WiFi setup.

  1. Same SSID for 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks? Try different names.
  2. Security set to WEP? Change to WPA/WPA2 - Rachio doesn’t support WEP.
  3. A mesh network (which one) or a single router?

Run the RouteThis app and send the code into Rachio support. That app may note some incompatibilities or other issues.

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same issue but with an android device. Dont own and apple devices except a gen 1 nano so no help. I have run route this my codes were: RW7XKK4Y