Gen 3 will not boot

I have a Gen 3 that is stuck with the first quandrant blinking white 10 times then once red. Power cycled many times. Did factory reset by holding stop until blue light comes on but still stuck.

Called tech support and they are sending a replacement!!

I received a replacement controller on Friday and install went flawless. Everything has been restored to normal. Thank you Dylan for your excellent support!!! My controller was only a week from having the two year warranty expire. Dylan did not challenge this at all. I am very pleased and Rachio even supplied the label for free shipping return. Rest assured that if you have a problem, Rachio will stand behind their product!!!


Exactly the same issue here.
So, my controller is bricked? There’s no way to fix it?
Only option is replace the unit?

Somebody can help me?

Hey @josh256 - shoot a note to and the team can help get to the bottom of this :slight_smile:

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Thank you @laura.bauman :slightly_smiling_face:

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Are there special procedures to install a warranty replacement Rachio 3?
Expect delivery today for my replacement.

If you want to start over from scratch, no.

But if you want your zones, schedules, etc. preserved, you need to contact support. Open a ticket or call them on 1-844-4RACHIO.

Received the replacement this afternoon. On APP, touched top arrow point left and on next screen, tapped “ADD Controller”.
Smooth sailing from there and had the replacement up and running in 5 minuets. Very user friendly.
Solid Blue line bring a smile, after days of troubleshooting a bad device.
The original purchase is already in the UPS system.

Thank you ANA C at chat.

Wayne Mertz