Gen 3 wifi fail

hello i had a Gen 3 for about 6months, no issues. Then ome day about a 5weeks ago it stopped connecting, no change in home network (SSID OR PHYSICAL LOCATION OD ROUTER) i went throu the in app wifi help at leats 7 times over 3 days. Then “sent” a help request (in app) finally a week after that i called and spoke with CS. We then went through resets and reboots (rachio, router and phone/app). Still nothing, was then shipped a new replacement unit and … Same issues and symptoms: gets to yellow light on gen 3 and wont connect.

@DIABLOsquid - the only yellow light I see mentioned in the Gen 3 Light Codes is for a firmware update ->

So which is the light pattern that the Rachio Gen 3 gets stuck on? Can one post a picture?

Hey @DIABLOsquid!

So sorry for the experience thus far! I’d love to ping our support team and make sure we can get this solved ASAP! I couldn’t look up your ticket with the email on your community account - would you be up for shooting me a DM with your support ticket number or the email you used to submit the ticket?

:cheers: Lo

the ‘awaiting wifi’
My unit is a white/silver light in first quad and a blinking yellow/amber in second quad

Go to your main router that create DHCP that assign whole network address and check Start and End IP address and most routers end finish at low and this create dhcp assign issues.
Change End IP to 50 ( last two digits) and see what happens.