Gen 3: Where did the NWS stations go?

Was using NWS station KJYR for my weather on my Gen 2. It’s less than 3 miles away and pretty reliable. Ported everything over to the Gen 3 and it’s no longer listed. In fact it looks like no National Weather Service stations are listed. The only thing listed are Weather Underground PWS. I live in the sticks so my weather station options are few and far between.

Can you tell me where the NWS stations went? Will they be back?

On a lighter note, the Weather Intelligence Plus is working pretty well. I like it! Cool how it updates several times a day instead of just once. Makes the watering info much more dynamic!

Just would like to have KJYR back as a backup.



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@runner1717 WI+ does not use the limited number of airport stations but takes advantage of the 250,000+ stations that are much closer to the majority of our customers. In your case it might be a tossup. I’ve run calculations and over 80% of customers will be within 1 mile of a station, 95% within 2 miles of a station. When I have a little bit of time I will write up some more information on how it works along with using interpolated precip data and a self healing process we’ve built to always use the healthiest, closest station(s).


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Hi Franz,

I actually just put a ticket in yesterday on this. My local airport is only a few miles away, but the closest station in the app list is just over 19 miles. There are a lot of stations on Intellicast and WU that don’t show up on the list in the app. I’m not sure why that might be?

I am a pilot so I may be a bit biased, but while I understand that there are fewer airport weather stations, they are well maintained and very accurate.

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@franz I agree with @mbushardjr that airport weather stations ARE well maintained and accurate. I’ve had a few issues with KJYR, called the NWS, and they were out the next day to repair it. It’s also closer than any other PWS.

Really my question is not related to WI+, it’s when I want to pick a single station that no NWS choices are available. I don’t care if WI+ doesn’t use NWS stations but I would like the choice of one when choosing my own.


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I did look at the WU map and it does look really sparse (I see only one station that doesn’t really look like a station). That’s not good.

Screenshot from 2018-05-15 21-14-58

I agree. It doesn’t make sense to not have those options. Let me see how difficult it will be to incorporate NWS.



This kind of supportive conversation is so awesome. I look forward to getting this resolved. Shows maturity in a young company that it listens to its community. Well done my brothers. Lol

Sweet, Thank you!

The reason i started looking at this was precip in the zone moisture said we received .12" but we didn’t even get the cement wet. West of us had more though where those other stations are.

Thank you again, first Rachio and so far I really like it!

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We have NWS data now rendering and available for selection. This will be released on Monday after some more testing.



I see the NWS stations are back!! Yay!!

Are they used in WI+ along with WU?


Totally forgot to post they are back.Yes, combo of NWS + WU.

Let me know if run into any issues.



So here’s the question - do you pick a local WU weather station (say several within a 2 mile radius of my controller) or what I assume to be a more precise NWS station about 6 miles away? Do you sacrifice hyper local for precision?

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