Gen 3 Offline

Gen 3 went offline about 24 hours ago. Followed app troubleshooting and reset wifi showing it connected to my wifi, but the controller is still offline

Just to add:

The 3rd light was flashing on the controller when I rest the wifi. I have rebooted the router and the controller. Wifi has 2.4 ghz and 5 ghz on different SSID’s. My phone gets 4 bars in the garage. One wall separating the router and the garage. Wifi for laptop, tablets and phones connect flawlessly. This happened 5 weeks ago and finally resolved itself 2 days later. Does this sound like a defective Controller?

@Lb711 - a blinking third quadrant with one red light doesn’t sound like a defective controller. If the blinking red light was in the first quadrant then the controller would be suspect.

Was the RouteThis app run with the troubleshooting steps? Sound more like a network issue.

So all good as it was stated resolved itself 2 days later?

The incident that happened 5 weeks ago did resolve after 2 days. This new incident that happened yesterday is still unresolved after 24 hours and the controller is still offline even though each time I have reset or rebooted the controller and reset the wifi following the iphone app troubleshooting instructions, it indicates that it has connected to my 5 ghz network but the controller stays offline and the 3rd quadrant light is flashing. I have even disconnected several of my other wifi devices in case they were causing interference and still no luck.

@Lb711 - have you run the RouteThis app via the off-line banner in the Rachio app?

What WiFi equipment do you have? I see you’re using an iPhone - current iOS and app version??

Finally found the routethis app and downloaded and ran. Got this code back RZN76H33

Just curious does your router have the latest firmware? Also, there might be a range extender in your network? If possible and there is a range extender anyway to go around that? Just throwing out some ideas.


No range extender in my network and the router has the latest firmware updates. The 3 rd quadrant of lights blink white 9 times the 1 red and starts blinking white again

Throwing one last thing to determine if its the router, do you have another phone to setup a hotspot and try connecting to that? I’m not a network expert so just throwing that out there.

If our support team can’t help troubleshoot and it just won’t connect anymore I’m sure they can get it RMAed for you.


Hi there,

I’m also having an issue with my Rachio 3, I relocated the Rachio to a new location, verified that I get good wifi (it’s solid), It was connected for some time but then it went off line. Done the basic troubleshooting with no success, I performed a factory reset and still won’t connect, I can see the lights moving forward until the 3 quadrant where I get the flashing red light and the error in the app.

Please help!

Anybody from Rachio In here?

@Mac - mostly other end users here. Plus Rachio is in Colorado, so they’re just warming their coffee up right now. I’d email or call support. Run the RouteThis app either through the red off-line banner in the app or as a stand alone app.

Is there a mesh network in play? Can you provide more information (make/model) on the network configuration?

@DLane, thanks for the reply.

I have a ubiquiti network with a USG and 2 AP Lights. Rachio has been working fine but a few days back got disconnected and I can’t get it back. when I look under the client section I see that the Rachio has a different subnet IP from what it used to have before… the current LAN network is 192.168.0. but Rachio shows as which is weird!

@Mac an IP address of 169.254.. means the device didn’t find a DHCP server to get an IP address. That address won’t be routable when the rest of the network is 192.168.

Can you unplug the Rachio and then delete the DHCP address tagged to that address in Ubiquiti system or assign a static IP address to the Rachio in the Ubiquiti DHCP configuration page. After making the DHCP changes, then plug the Rachio back in.

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@DLane, thanks! that’s actually what I did and got it back. Thanks for the tips.

I just find it weird that it lost it’s wifi and then couldn’t connect back.

Thanks again.