Gen 3 going offline


My week old gen 3 started going offline today after running a schedule. When it comes back online and I manually run a zone it runs the zone and then goes back offline. Sometimes it reconnects and other times it doesn’t. I’ve had to reconnect it to WiFi multiple times. The WiFi signal is 3-4 bars. I’ve reset the cable modem and the router and all other devices work fine. Mobile devices work fine in the location of the controller. I saw that you may have released new firmware, mine indicates iro3-firmware-5-504. Not sure if this is the new or if this problem started after that was loaded.



Thank you for reporting this. I will make sure the team receives this information.

If you run this against your network I can provide more information to the engineering team. If you’d like to run this just PM me the unique code that is generated. Thank you for your patience.