Gen 3 Flow Meter Questions

How is the accuracy of the Gen3 Flow meter compared to using a wired flow meter with a Gen2 controller?

I see that the recommended pipe sizes are 3/4" and 1" and larger is not recommended. What about smaller, 1/2" piping? Will this work well with the gen3 flow sensor?

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@Chapin We tested the accuracy of a wired flow meter in the lab to be worse than 10%. Our wireless flow meter will be better than 5%, so definitely more accurate. We don’t recommend installing on 1/2" piping, although it is possible. In order to retain accuracy on 1/2" pipe you will need a straight run of at least 6" of 1" pipe upstream from the flow meter.

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@brad - I have 3/4” before the backflow valve and 1” after. If I put the flow meter right before the valve can I still get the acurracy?