Gen 3 Dropping WiFi

Hello guys, hope y’all are enjoying the Summer.

I got my Rachio 3 controller yesterday and installed it without any hitch. The controller showed correctly on my app and I could turn on any zones I wanted without any issues.
I was fiddling with the app and everything till late night and it was showing up correctly and it stayed online.
Today after I came home from work, I noticed that the controller is offline. I tried to reset its wifi settings and it came online for a while before it disconnected again.

Now granted that this is a bit away from the router and it also has a metal cupboard besides it but the fact that it stayed online yesterday tell me that it should not have any issues today.

Is there something I can do to “boost” its reception. Maybe there is a firmware update or something?

5ghz or 2.4ghz? 2.4 travels through objects a bit better so if you are on 5 try switching it. Changing channels can help some times as well as you might have just enough interference on the one you are on to knock it off if the signal is poor.

Beyond that put the router in a better place. Definitely avoid having in near metal objects.

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If you run this and provide the generated code I can have the engineering team review.


I am having the same problem - controller constantly keeps dropping. I use ORBI and even wired up the close satellite (20’ away)…very frustrating. Power cycle fixes it sometimes.