Gen 3 controller keeps disconnecting every 2-3 days

currently using 2 Asus GT-AXE11000 routers (both wired) in a mesh system, tested the signal and its strong, however my rachio gen 3 controller keeps going offline/disconnecting every 2-3 days which there’s no lights on the controller, and I have to then unplug it from the wall and plug it back in. Super annoying and could use any assistance!

Also used the routethis app to help diagnose the problem, but I don’t see any resolution.

@joneffingvo Have you reached out to Contact Support ?

They have typically seen a lot of WiFi issues and might have some troubleshooting ideas for you.


Hi Franz,
I used a Rachio at our previous home for years and never had an problems. When we bought a new home last year, I was excited to put in a Rachio 3. I installed it in May and didn’t have any problems until September 21, when the the controller disconnected from the WiFi multiple times and never stayed connected for more than a day or 2. I’ve worked with support several time and have put several hours into solving this problem. I was about to buy another controller until I read another person tried this and had the same problem. The advice I got yesterday from a support supervisor was that RouteThis told him that my WiFi signal is too strong and I need to move the controller and router farther apart. After a factory reset today and deleting the controller from my account, I cannot connect at all. It’s not worth it to me to waste any more time on this. If you think this may be a defective controller, then I’d be willing for you to send another and to try it. At least I’d have until Spring to see if the controller could stay connected. Otherwise, I may as well start over with a different brand and see if it’s any more reliable.