Gen 3 and RAIN BIRD WR2 Wireless Rain Sensor Wiring?

Worked perfectly with my Gen 2. Had some issues with the GEN 3 but I think I have it correct now. Can anyone confirm?

Green S1
Red 24VAC+
Black 24VAC-
White 24VAC-

I tried the white to common but that gave me a false positive every 20 seconds.



I can confirm the wiring above. Sensor is working fine.



For anyone else, adding this link.

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@franz I don’t understand this documentation. Why does the Rachio 3 doc reference anything about Gen 2?


@bsoneill - because Rachio changed the terminals for rain sensors between the Gen 1 and Gen 2 and then again on the Gen 3. I believe the was a clarifying comment for someone upgrading their controller from Gen 2 to Gen 3 as how to handle it.

The link I provided in your other post actually has documentation for how to wire up a rain sensor for each of the different Rachio generations - 1, 2 and 3.

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