Gen 3 8 station frequently goes offline


Ever since I installed my Gen 3 it’s been going offline at least once or twice a week. My Gen 2 never went offline while I had internet connections. Nothing has changed on the WiFi end and the WiFi satellite is about 20’ from the Rachio. A power off and on always brings it back up. I have the Orbi router and two satellites


@jjon90 Have you updated your Orbi firmware?

In our tests of Orbi, we noticed that it would occasionally remove internet access to the Rachio 3 device. When this happens the device restarts to try and get back online but the Orbi is still blocking access.

Can you also tell me what light code you are seeing on the Rachio 3 when this happens?


I’m assuming it’s updated because I selected auto update. It’s ver I see a blinking red at the right. Then it sequences again and blinking red at the end.


Just want to verify that your seeing red lights in the third section but that the last section is unlit.

If this is true, the device is on your wifi but is not being allowed to access the internet.

Netgear has a whole section on Internet Access control in their manual -->

I would expect that if it goes offline again, you can log into your portal and check and see if the device has been blocked.



If you can run a RouteThis on your network I will have our customer success team do a quick review.

Just PM me the code that is rendered and I will forward to the customer success team.



I will pay more attention to it next time . I’m assuming it has something to do with the Rachio because I had the same router with the series 2!and never had this problem…


I used the Orbi in my house for about a month. While I really liked the mobile app, I noticed the router had a hard time keeping certain devices online including some Amazon and Apple products.

We will keep working on the problem and I’m hoping Netgear will also provide some support.


I’ve had mine since it’s inception. Have not had a problem with it at all. Best router I have owned! I have Apple(phone macs ipads ipod homepod) ,Amazon, Ring, Nest, Sonos, Nvidia Windows, Blink LG Hue Tappeque Smarthome and Rachio. No problems yet.


Just went offline and this is what I see…



Can you run a RouteThis on your network and PM me the unique code that is generated? I’ll give this information to our network team and see if they have any ideas.




My Rachio 3 is having a similar problem. It will stay online for about 6-7 minutes then go offline for a few hours and then back online. This cycle has been continuing since I installed it. Like jjon90, I never had any connection problems with my Rachio 2 controller, so I was wondering what changed in the Rachio 3 to make it have worse connectivity, and how can I fix it. BTW, my Router is an ASUS RT-AC68U, with updated firmware and the signal at the controller is good (-60 dBm). Also, I find it interesting that as I approach the controller with my phone it will go from no lights at all to the full blue band. Then it will go offline after a few minutes.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks :slight_smile:


@Olliesshop - run the RouteThis app so you can send the code it returns to Rachio support. I’d sent in a support ticket via the app for the best response.



You can send me the RouteThis code and I’ll work with the team on identifying any issues.



Thanks! … I installed the RouteThis app (, but it’s asking for a code to start the analysis. Is this the right app?



Here is the official documentation.



Franz, I sent the code to you and also added it to my existing ticket with Support.

Thanks for the help!


BTW, it’s still offline pretty much all the time. Although, it’s interesting that if I walk toward the Controller with my phone it goes from offline to online. The controller will start a “re-boot” process when I’m about 15 feet away, then it runs through the 4 white led sections and goes online. Also, it will stay online until I move away then it will go offline after a couple of minutes.

So it appears that somehow my phone might be acting as connector of some sort between the Controller and my Router? Also, this is very repeatable.

Any ideas on what’s going on?



That almost sounds like you connected the controller to a hotspot on your phone…

Are you running a hotspot by any chance?



It sure sounds like it, but I just double-checked and the Hotspot and Tethering setting is turned off. Although, since it’s so predictable, it must be related to the phone somehow. BTW, I have a Google Pixel 2 XL with Android 8.1.

Thanks again!