Gen 2 Wunderground Support

I have read on these message boards that the new Gen 3 support WU stations out of the box, it was also mentioned that these were back end changes which suggest that its possible to get this on gen 2 devices.

When would this functionality be coming to gen 2 devices?


I would love to hear this as well - would make things much easier.

Native WU support in G2 controllers its only supported in a special version sold by Costco. G3 controllers has native support for WU, It is part of the meteorological intelligence feature…

Take a look at this post;

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well that sucks, literally just purchased this a couple of months ago, guess i will just go get my own weather station.

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Definitely research this subject some more before you buy a PWS.

Rachio uses the Aeris weather service for Gen1/Gen2 (non-Costco) units.

Most PWS don’t have the ability to directly send their weather data to the Aeris service. To get past that, some folks use a separate piece of hardware (Meteobridge) that will post the data over to Aeris (via PWSWeather) for them, and others use the very cool WUFYI service that @Gene wrote/provides.

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