Gen 2 won't connect to new Wifi

We have new internet service. The Gen 2 will not connect to Wifi. Our wifi setup is 200/200 with an extender from Frontier. We have total control wireless on, which means that the 2.4 and 5 G are not visible, but that the device switches between and balances the load based on the devices.

I read a little on the forums and setup a 2.4 guest wireless account just for the Rachio. It still won’t connect to that account and I am stuck at the second light blinking.

This is the second time I’ve change the wifi password setup, and the first time went so quickly and smoothly. My background is IT, so I can do some troubleshooting on my own if I know what to do next.

I have a ticket raised from a few days ago, but the support is less than stellar with no one available to provide next steps. They offered an option to set an appointment for next week.

Any ideas?

I also did the Route This. Key is MZANGWMF.

I did name the guest network Rachio, so it is completely separate.

I also checked my firewall settings, they are on low.

@unbridled1 - which OS is being used for the WiFI setup - iOS or Android?

I’ve seen iOS perform better with the WiFi setup.

Also, just confirming the SSID is broadcast/visible?

Does the Rachio connect to the WiFi extender? What is the make and model of the WiFi router and extender?

From RouteThis it looks like you have two similar named networks but from reading above you did create a guest network.

  • Is there anyway to bypass the extender?
  • Does the router have the latest firmware on it?


I don’t think we can bypass the extender. I guess if I had more details on that, I could try it. We can’t shut it off, as then the rest of the house won’t have wifi.

Frontier updates the firmware automatically and this router was just installed this past week, so I think the firmware should be up to date.

The guest network is viewable from my phone but not viewable within the Rachio app.

Any other ideas on setup of the Guest Wifi in order for the Rachio Gen 2 to be able to see the network?

My internet service line was cut by the sprinkler installers and I had problems getting the Rachio to accept the connection after it was fixed. I had to tell it to forget the old (broken) connection and got it to accept the new one. And a week after that, I had to connect it again. It’s been a couple of months now with no issues.

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I received a message from support today that they were having across the board problems connecting with Android. They put in a fix on Monday.

I went out to the garage and got connected immediately with no issues.

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