Gen 2 Wired Flow Senser/Meter

Hi, New to Rachio but not new to automation. I have been looking to drive some accuracy into my device with a flow sensor. Unfortunately I was not educated enough on the gen’s to know the difference before I bought a gen 2. I really don’t see a reason to rip it out and upgrade to a gen 3 for a flow sensor that’s reasonable priced. I see quite a few sensors that are pulse-based that are for sale well below the $250.00 mark that might work for my “new” gen 2. Is there a spec for wired flow sensors that shows compatibility? I see some have bashed Rachio a bit for being under-handed and not supporting more in order to drive the newer product… I’m betting that’s not the case. Any help?


Well, some believe that everything should be backwards compatible, and sometimes that isn’t the case. This has typically been because of the new weather intelligence on the Gen3, that is not available on the previous gens which gets some people a bit heated.

As for flow sensors outside of Rachio’s own on the G3, I’m not much help here. I think others have used them, but I could be totally wrong. I’m just not sure how much, or how well they really integrate with the software (ie shutting down a zone if excess flow is detected).

@Frankge - this article from the Support pages lists the supported wired flow meters:

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