Gen 2 Wifi problems

Does the controller need to be connected to the irrigation system for WiFi connectivity? I have only gotten as far as device trying to connect to cloud.

@blackop - no the controller doesn’t need to be connect to the irrigation system for WiFi connectivity to work. I have my unit set up where half of the zones are phantom zones that aren’t physically (or electrically) connected to anything so I can experiment with settings to see how things would work out in real life. Stating the obvious, it does need to be plugged in to a working electrical outlet.

Some WiFi tidbits from stalking the forum for a while - the unit only uses the 2.4 GHz frequency, if your WiFi router provides both 2.4 and 5 GHz channels, have different network names (SSIDs) for each frequency. As my unit is outside on the back of the property line in a storage room, I had to get a range extender for my network to push the WiFi signal that far out.

@emil mentioned a new network troubleshooting tool they have and @mckynzee has said some of support folks at Rachio assigned to networking issues read about networking for fun, so either post more details here or email

There are also the tips posted here ->
and 32 knowledge base articles on Gen 1 and Gen 2 WiFi here ->

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Thanks for your reply. I was able to connect using Comcast gateway, not sure why Amped Wireless access point won’t work. Unfortunately the signal from the gateway is fairly low(-99 db) where the controller will be installed.


Might want to look into a cheap range extender, - 99db is very weak to almost unusable (if it’s truly that) :wink:

I guess you can let it sit for a few days and see if it stays online.