Gen 2 WiFi Connectivity

Purchased a house with this system and cannot connect it to my simple WIFi that is in the next room. Cannot water my lawn which should be so simple. There isn’t a bypass on the box so it doesn’t have to go through WiFi. This thing is awful. Would never buy it. I have followed their ‘detailed’ instructions, but it still doesn’t work.

There is no contact number, which would have been useful. Not impressed at all.

@Elizabeding -

Here’s the support number:

Our support number is 1-844-472-2446, but they close up shop at 6pm MST

Can you describe your simple WiFi system? Rachio doesn’t support the older WPA and there needs to be a password on the network.

Did the original owners transition the Rachio account over to you?

Which detailed instructions were you following?

And what operating system are you using to connect - iOS or Android?


Here’s the support page for transfer of Rachio controller to a new owner:

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