Gen 2 watering differently than last year

My Gen 2 seems to be watering far more often than last year. I’m not sure if the new update has caused some sort of change, but zones are watering more frequently than last summer during similar weather conditions. I’ve been letting it go in hopes that it would figure itself out, but I now need to make some adjustments to reign it in. I’m wondering if I need to recreate my flex daily schedule since I last created it in July of 2017 (update issue?), or if I should just adjust some settings in the zones. Looking for ideas, or if anyone has had a similar experience.

@coozie23, you might want to look at this thread from one year ago. I think there are many helpful ideas in there.
This year has started better for me (still Gen2), despite lower rainfall amounts. I have developed a spreadsheet to keep track of all the setting changes by zone I am making, so I hopefully can better correlate cause and effect in the future.
To date, I feel that the seasonal effects like shade patterns from house and trees in my yard, are my biggest challenge. I tackle them with crop coefficient and shade level adjustments.
It reminds me of driving a boat: resist making hectic adjustments in heavy seas, but let it sway a bit around the set course…


I felt the same way last month. (Yard is getting over watered this year with flexible daily). I ended up lowering my crop coefficient and root depth, which has helped considerably.

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I started flexible daily schedule with one zone first the schedule ran for 210 minuets is that how it was for you when you first started with flexible daily?