Gen 2 vs Gen 3 Question

OTHER THAN “hyperlocal forcast” (which is totally useless where I am because 1/2 the time it is raining 100yards from here but not here) and 5GIG WiFI are there any other important differences?

My current wifi controller just passed away so I am looking for a new one.

I do have an Ambient weather station connected to Wundergorund and am wondering if the Gen 2 will support that. That would be an important difference to me. I’d rather not spend the extra $100 if I could avoid it.


3 allows for use of the new flow meter, which has some nice benefits out of the box (and I’d assume lots of potential in future software uldates).

Gen 3 supports Weather Underground along with interpolated precipitation data (Gen 2 does not support WU), 2.4g/5G, better connectors (like butter), fun magnetic faceplate, amazing multicolored LED light bar, along with our wireless flow meter which @tmcgahey mentioned.


@franz you got me with the "fun magnetic faceplate, amazing multicolored LED light bar" (despite the fact it will be in my garage hiding :grinning:) Should have it tomorrow from AMZ. Of course my luck it will go on sale for “Amazon Day.”

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Hey Franz! Got my V3 from AMZ today less than 18 hrs after I ordered it and had it installed within 10 mins at most HOWEVER I think I have a “cosmetic” issue with the cover/case. The “fun magnetic face plate” does not fit flush/flat against the main unit. Seems as if either the base unit or the cover is warped. The bottom (both sides) seems to be off by about 1/8" and doesn’t doesn’t seem to be firmly locked in. See photos. Yes, wires are laying flat against base inside and I loosened the unit so it is basically loose on the wall figuring maybe it was too tight against the wall. Should I swap it out at AMZ ? It’s not a major issue but if it is “off” for what I paid for I’d like it to be right. :grin:

That is odd, I’ll reach out to our customer success team tomorrow and see what they say. Best case we just ship out a new cover. I’ll let you know what they recommend tomorrow. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!



Thank you. I think it is the unit itself. I took off the cover and put it on a flat surface and it lays flat, not warped. It is so off that if I push on the bottom of the cover the cover pops off from the top. It is right next to our car so when we get out of the car it can easily be bumped and go flying off.

Here are 2 short iPhone videos in my DROPBOX. You can see the cover is flat and lies flat on a flat surface and also what happens to it when I just lightly push on the bottom of it. You will have to copy & paste the link as the forum software doesn’t like the .MOV format. Weird, the forum hides the text dropbox link but doesn’t show the vid. I’ll try to find another way (maybe a URL shortener won’t confuse the forum software).

OK, just RIGHT CLICK in the blank vid screen and select VIEW VIDEO.


I’m just going to swap it out through Amazon. Seems to be the best way to deal with this issue.


Ok, if it is indeed the controller, and not just the faceplate that will be the most efficient way to swap it out.


I took it off the wall just to cover (no pun intended) all bases and make sure the mounting wasn’t the issue and I am beginning to wonder if this is how it was designed. If so, while it doesn’t affect the functioning it is kind of strange as the cover isn’t very secure.

Hey @RetiredInFL! While this looks incredibly strange, this is actually how the cover was designed. The idea is that you can push down on the bottom part of the cover to easily remove it from the body of the controller.

If the cover isn’t staying on well, it might be an issue with the magnets instead. Does the cover stay on or continuously fall off?

Cover stays on tight enough but it takes very little effort to simply bump it with your arm and it ends up on the floor. IN MY OPINION all you needed was a little 1 inch raised spot in the middle of the bottom edge of the cover to lift it off on the rare occasion you need to remove it.

Our problem is when we park our car the front door ends up near the box and we are constantly lightly bumping the cover getting out. Our previous WiFi device had a “door” which snapped shut and on the very very (very x 10) rare occasion we needed access we’d open it (it even had a lock). The need for such easy access on something you should only need to remove ONE TIME upon installation seems a bit “over thought.” If it was where I hide my stash of chocolate chip cookies from my wife I’d understand the need for quick access it but this is just an irrigation timer which other than wiring it up or unwiring it will NEVER need to be opened. I hope you sell replacement covers because I know I’ll need one sooner rather than later!

I’ll try to cancel my replacement order from Amazon because there is no sense if it is going to be the same. I really don’t want to have to relocate the box because I’d have to deal with rerouting the wires that are hidden in the wall.

Franz described it as a “fun magnetic faceplate” in his original reply to me. That I disagree with. Don’t need to have “fun” with an irrigation timer!

Thanks for your reply. Other than that bit of “over engineering” it seems so far to be a great device and replacement for my B-Hyve unit. Guess I’ll just have to use some clear tape on the sides to keep it secure.


Totally fair! I can agree that it’s definitely a little too easy! If you like the door/lock set up, you might enjoy our Weatherproof Enclosure. It’s really only needed for outdoor installations, but might work for you in this situation.

Regardless, I’m glad to hear that you’re liking Rachio! As always, we’re here to help if you ever need anything!


That would probably work if it isn’t too deep. Don’t really want to spend another $30 but can you get the specs on the size (OUTSIDE DEPTH) of that box? I will probably just stick with a piece of clear tape but just in case I decide to get $30 closer to bankruptcy the external dimensions of that box would help.


Here are the specs :slight_smile:

Hi Franz - can you explain the gen 3 supporting WU? I have a gen 2 and was disappointed that rachio does not support using wind speed settings from my davis vantage pro2. I can have very strong winds as I live on a ridge. Your aggregated data does not work for me, I would rather use my anemometer. Does gen 3 support this?



That’s odd. I have the first generation unit and it supports WU. I have it set to use my station.

I just double checked and it’s showing my station under weather intelligence.

Did that change with version 2?

I am brand new at this and just got my V3. I have an Ambient Wx Sta at my home and am connected to that for data and this is what I see on my app. Is that what you are referring to? See attached.

Sorry - I just double checked. I have WU syncing with PWS weather and I’m readind my station from the PWS site. It’s been so long since I set it up, I can’t remember all that I did.