Gen 2 Timeout


I am attempting to run a manual watering and I get the “thinking” circles for about 30 seconds then I get a “the request timed out” notification. I’ve checked the App Store to see if the app needs an update and it doesn’t. I am using an iPhone 6S. I’ve checked my wifi and it’s working perfectly. I’ve checked the Rachio box and all 4 lights are lit and not blinking. I’ve unplugged the rachio box and replugged it in. Still giving me a timeout error. Please help


Please try again. It looks like there was a network issue that recovered. There was network latency for about 15 minutes.



I am still getting a timeout error. Additionally when I scroll down to watering schedule it is saying I have nothing scheduled for the next two weeks which is inaccurate. When I wait for the spinning wheel next to the watering schedule to stop spinning, I get a timeout error there as well


I’d kill/close the app and try again. Had our development team look at the account and everything looks ok.

Just let us know if that resolves the issue. Thanks!



So I closed out the app and restarted it. That didn’t change anything. So I deleted the app and redownloaded it. Now I can’t even log in.


I had the development team try logging into the account and it looks good. Can you try a password reset?



When I do a password reset I get a timed out error


Yesterday afternoon, I noticed the same where it didn’t time out, but a lot of actions in the app where take a long time compared to normal. As they day went on got worse and eventually for while the app and the web service were done. For me it was much longer than 15 minutes, but glad it’s back up.

Can’t remember the last time there was a service outage, so that’s a pretty good track record in my opinion!


@ChrisC Thank you! We like to think we have a good track record as well :slight_smile:

@Sparkman83 Are you still having issues with logging in/resetting your password?


Thanks for the reply. It seems to be back up and working properly this morning. Thanks.