Gen 2 still broadcasting SSID

About four days ago, I reset my controller in order to change wifi networks. I was successful in connecting to the new wifi network. Now, I notice the controller is still broadcasting an SSID (in other words, it is still showing up as a wifi network called “Rachio”). This does not seem normal to me and I have seen other comments here in the community (from a co-founder) to suggest this is not normal. Once the controller is “associated” to the new wifi network, the controller should stop acting as its own wifi network (“Rachio”). Can anyone help me?

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Whenever I have to reconnect my Gen2, I watch to see how long it takes for the on board WiFi to go off. Sometimes it’s minutes and sometimes I just let it go hoping that it would go off eventually. That eventually sometimes turned into days. That would usually be the longer and more difficulty I have getting it to connect, the longer the internal WiFi stays live.

I found ages ago that the WiFi in the Gen2 has a lot to be desired. I guess it’s a feature.

Where did you “find” this information? I hadn’t heard or read about any wifi issues. Only “issue” is that the Gen1’s and Gen2’s could only connect to 2.4ghz band (common with many IoT devices), which can cause issues with newer routers that don’t broadcast a separate SSID for 2.4ghz and 5ghz band.

From personal experience and comments in various forums where “Technotards” have torn these apart once they were “over” them. And Beta Testers for WiFi equipment troubleshooting why someone can’t connect a Gen2 to their router. Or like other groups that dissect iPhones and catalog the parts, their actual cost and whether or not for the price of the part, if there could have been a better part used. Judged by spectrum analysers at distance or the plain knowledge of right and wrong.