Gen 2 Setup Problems

Hi, I’m new to the community. I just wired up my Gen 2, and every time I attempt to set it up via the app, I get hung up after the WiFi setup. Specifically, the second light flashes, and the app says “an unexpected error has occurred, please try again” or something like that.

The interesting thing is that the unit is clearly connecting to the WiFi router. I can see it in my DHCP log. The lights on the unit (now three solid and one flashing) even progress to indicate that it has successfully reached the rachio servers, but none of that is reflected in my app.

Should I return it and get a Gen 1? It seems like people are having more success with the first version. Any suggestions?


I would not return it, but I like flow sensors. That 4th light blinking means it is registering with rachio, sending up serials to link it to your account. It could probably pull down a new firmware and flash itself. How long has it been blinktastic?

try disabling your firewall during the set up process.

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One other thing, are you filtering by mac on your router?

found this:

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It’s worth a try but I think he/she is past that problematic spot.

It’s still blinking, so several hours now. I’m assuming that it’s at the point where I’m supposed to get some response to the app, but the app is having some issues and won’t recognize the status or something. It’s noteworthy that the app gives the error immediately before the second light stops flashing and the unit shows up in my DHCP table. This tells me that the status update from the unit is not handled properly by the app.

I’ll give it some more time. Maybe someone can register it for me manually tomorrow.

Did the app ask for the serial number of the controller? I think you’re hung there.

No firewall.

Also, I’m at three solid lights, and I can see traffic. The unit is clearly connected to the WiFi router and sending data to the servers without a problem. Disabling the N-band won’t help, as I’m connected to the 2.4 side of the router.

No, the app gives the error right before the second light goes solid, and won’t let me connect to the unit again unless I reset it. I agree with you. That’s the problem spot. The unit is communicating with the servers, but the app craps out when it’s supposed to be asking for the serial number. That keep it from registering.

Hi, @slunceford – sorry for the late reply on this.

Occasionally the Gen2 units have trouble synching up with our cloud servers. It sounds like this is where you’re at, with 4th light blnking. This is rare, but easily remedied.
If only I’d caught this yesterday, we’d have you up and watering today! :rachio:

Is the controller still in the state described above?
If so, please send an email to and we can take care of this for you.
Please include:

  • the Serial Number (starts with ‘V’ for Gen1, ‘VR’ or ‘CR’ for Gen2)
  • your Rachio app username or email (if different from the one sending request)

We’ll open a ticket to get you squared away post-haste!

~Lucas :rachio:

Hi Lucas,

I sent an email in with the username and serial number several hours ago, but no replies yet.


FYI. I ran into the same issue. On my iOS device, I could not get past the Wifi setup area. Got my Pixel2, installed the app and was able to successfully connect and set up via the Android app. After setup was complete, i went back to my iOS devices and everything was configured just fine :slight_smile: