Gen 2 - Second flow meter

I have a gen 2 unit with 3/4" Toro Flow Meters. Up until the last UI updates, I’ve never had direct access to my flow meter data. I had asked about a year ago if Rachio was receiving data. Their support said yes, and I believed that both meters were working.

Fast forward to now, I was able to run my calibration. What I found is that the flow meter connected to S1 is generating info. The flow meter connected to S2 is not. I’ve verified the cabling is correct. I suspect that the Rachio isnt actually designed to use more than one flow meter, and is instead meant to use a flow meter and some other sensor (rain sensor maybe).

Both flow meters were bought and installed at the same time. One meter is for the front yard, and the other for the back. Its not physically possible to use just one with the way my plumbing is set up. I need help from Rachio support to get this sorted out, as there was nothing indicative that multiple flow meters wouldnt work in any documentation. I’m pretty certain the flow meter itself is good. But I can plug the second meter in to S1 to eliminate that as a potential problem later this week. (I’m currently out of town).

@huthmakerj We actually do support two flow wired flow meters (and up to two wireless) in case you were wondering.

Would you please go ahead and do the test you were referencing. I’d like to see each flow meter operating individually and then we can trouble shoot.

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Will do. I’ll have availability this coming weekend.