Gen 2 schedules not running - rain sensor activated - SOLVED

I have the same problem. Installed my controller 6 weeks ago and it has never run one of the schedules. I am initiating irrigation manually. I have firmware (iro2-firmware-5-104)

@RickA - what type of schedule isn’t running? If it is a Flex Daily, the manual runs are counted and it won’t think it needs to run. I’d post the settings for that zone and someone will chime in. If the root zone depth is deep, then that will lead to infrequent and longer watering.

None of the zones are running as scheduled. Initially set up a flex schedule and it would not run. I set up a fixed schedule last week thinking that might work…nope. The schedule calendar shows scheduled runs but the next morning it has not run and the schedule keeps adjusting.

Here’s the calendar as of now:



Your rain sensor is activated. This will disallow any scheduled schedules from running.

Here are some tips for troubleshooting. You also might have it wired incorrectly.

Hope this helps.