Gen 2 schedule

Hello, all. I’m new to the forum, and have a question about the schedule. My lawn has gone brown and the system did not seem to be watering appropriately. I watched a video on the support page. Based on that video, I deleted my existing schedule and set up a new one after going through and setting all my zones to clay and direct sunlight. Now the schedule recalculated and is says it is going to run for 4 hours and 2 minutes. Really? I’ll have a lake and a $1,000 water bill. I reduced the right and left side soak because I do not have many shrubs. It is mostly just mulch and the shrubs in the front get hit by the sprinklers. Please help explain to me how the schedule works. Is it watering that whole time or is it cycling on and off?

First you should be able to see how long it plans to water each zone and it should also list the cycle soak down times. Basically it may be scheduling some time to let the water soak in before it waters some more. Especially with clay soil.

Also it always waters more the first time if it thinks the zone has no moisture in it I believe.