Gen 2 Rachio - Rain Skip When there is no precipitation

Posting on behalf of my parents here. They have a generation 2 rachio and for the past couple of days it has been applying a ran skip based on soil and precipitation conditions. They live near an airport so their weather station is very accurate, but checking its history it hasn’t reported any rain or precipitation.

Why is it skipping ? any way to debug this ? The schedule is a manual one.

Couple things.

  • If there is a close by airport station you can choose that under weather stations. They are currently using interpolated precipitation data.

  • It looks like the rain sensor is activated which will disallow the system from running.


Hi @franz , sorry but I should have been clearer. I am posting on their behalf ( I gifted them one after I loved mine so much ) . Shall I pm you their accounts email address ?

Ha, makes sense. Yes PM me and I will have the engineering team review.


@kashifkhan it looks like it is mostly saturation skips. Sometimes with daily schedules (like your parents have) you can get frequent saturation skips. The system (based on zone and weather data) believes you can make it to the next watering day. I would just disable saturation skips and that should help your situation.


aah that makes perfect sense and I just learnt about the saturation skip :slight_smile: . Thank you for the amazing support and excellent product. We absolutely love the rachio and the savings esp for them have been quiet staggering.

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