Gen 2 power supply

Same value & polarity as gen 1? Same cable length?

Yes, the power supply is the same as gen 1.


Does the new outdoor enclosure have an outlet and a external plug to plug into an existing outdoor GFI?

The enclosure does have an outlet if you want to hard wire. If you are plugging the power supply into an existing outdoor GFI you can just run the adapter from the power supply directly to the controller (no need to use the outlet in the enclosure).


Thank you. Is the adapter from the controller outdoor rated? My outdoor GFI has a plastic enclosure like the one below. I was wondering if the adapter would fit in the weatherproof enclosure.

Or is it better to connect a power cord to the outlet in the enclosure like the version from InSinkErator? Thanks.

I would probably recommend option 2.

I think it would be hard to find a outdoor receptacle protector that would fit the power supply comfortably :wink:


Thanks. Will go with Option 2. Do you guys recommend a power cord that’s outdoor rated or does the insinkerator one look good? Also, since I will be plugging into an existing outdoor GFI, the one I install inside the enclosure could be non-GFI correct? Thanks again.

I’m having the team @emil @alcornb track down an outdoor rated cord that we can recommend.

Will get back to you as soon as we have a recommendation.


Also, pls let us know if you guys recommend a cord relief connector to hold the cable in place. Thank you.

We haven’t found any power cords with pigtails that state “outdoor use”.

I think for now we are going to stay away from recommending a cord due to different regions have different building codes etc.

I don’t see any issues with the one you had found previously.