Gen 2 Power Cycles

Came home today and light 3 was flashing. I notice the device has powecycled a couple times in the last 24 hours. Are updates being delivered? My gen1 hardly ever power cycled. Rebooting my airport got the device back to 4 solid lights. Not sure what is causing this. My gen1 never had wifi issues either. Installed in same location and connecting to the same dedicated 2.4ghz network.


That status is a little misleading, and the device didn’t necessarily power cycle but reconnected for some reason. I’ll work with the team on making that more clear.

I did notice quite a few disconnects from your device today, could be an ISP issue on your end, or some other network issue. I’ll keep on the lookout for any other odd behavior.

I did send some new firmware down to the device that will allow us to have a little more clarity as to what is going on if it continues to disconnect.

Thanks for reporting this and please let us know if you have any other issues.


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I’d like to add that my Gen 2 power cycled twice in a week about a week ago. There was no power outage, and it was hooked up to the same outlet as my Gen 1, which never power cycled the entire time I owned it.

Thanks Franz.

I run a pfsense router at home which allows me a lot of control. I do not see any quality issues on my WAN charts. One thing I did notice is that I had my gen1 bypassing my squid proxy. I will add the gen2 to the bypass list as well and see if that improves the stability of the connection to your servers.

nevermind on the proxy. the Gen2 is using the same IP address as I used on the Gen1 so it is also bypassing the proxy.