Gen 2 Power Cycle In Middle of Schedule

This morning I ran my Gen 2 for the first time on a schedule. The history shows that everything ran fine for the first 3 zones, but the 4th zone shows the controller power cycled 5 minutes into the scheduled 30 minute watering. It says it completed with running for only 5 minutes.

I’ve read on here that other power-cycles were the result of new firmware being pushed to the controller. My controller shows 5-119 firmware. Was this power cycle the result of new firmware?

I’m not necessarily worried about just one power cycle, but because this is the first time it’s done this and it coincided with disrupting a scheduled watering I just want to make sure I won’t have this issue each time I run this from a schedule.

Firmware shouldn’t power cycle the controller, it will wait until the watering cycle is finished. Could be a zone fault. If it happens again more than likely a zone fault.


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