Gen 2 Not Watering, online and shows watering

I have a Gen 2. Have had it in place and working for almost 2-years. I ran it a couple of months ago to test zones, then put it in standby mode as we were receiving so much rain here.

I went ahead and turned the system on to follow schedule. I receive alerts that the system is watering, and yet it is not and I cannot hear the water flowing, which I normally here in my garage. I tried both zones in the front and then in the back of my house with Quick Run and none of them work, but the app shows them running. I do not have a rain sensor on my system.

I have attempted;
-System reboot
-Visual inspection to ensure all wiring is connected
-Checked master valve to ensure it is in open position
-Reviewed app, but have full functionality

Thanks and hopefully someone has a suggestion for me!

First, try opening a valve manually. For example, see

Your valves may be different but most can be manually opened by loosening the bleed screw or solenoid.

If water flows ok when opened manually, check voltage at the valve when the zone should be running. If none is present, check at the Rachio (cable may have been cut). If you don’t have a voltmeter, you could test by disconnecting the cable from the Rachio and powering a valve with e.g. the transformer from your old sprinkler controller.

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Hi Stewart, thanks for reviewing and your comments. So far, I have located 4 solenoid locations on my front lawn and have turned them as you suggested and none of my zones flowed.

I will do as you suggest this weekend to test a zone with my old controller.

I will have to look at my wiring again as I believe I had a white common wire and then a red wire for every zone. Since none of my zone’s work (I have 8 of them), would the expectation be that the common wire is cut?

Thank you!

Perhaps I didn’t make myself clear. If there is no flow when opening the valve manually, this is a plumbing issue, not electrical.

Maybe, a valve inside the house that feeds the system has been turned off. There might be a filter that has become clogged. Of course, without knowing the construction details, these are just guesses.

If your system has a drain valve or cap that you can open, that would provide a test point for troubleshooting. Or, there may be a garden hose bib or similar that you could check.

Thanks Stewart, I brought in an irrigation guy to assist. He located for my system, a black wire which fed the master valve. He was able to determine that the Master Valve was receiving power and then tested the solenoid. He then removed the screws off of the housing and removed the diaphragm. He replaced the diaphragm within the master valve which corrected my issue. I now have water flowing again!

Thanks for your input.

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