Gen 2 not connecting to wifi


Hello, I’ve been trying to connect my gen 2 to my wifi for a week now, and still no luck. The second light is flashing on the controller, and the android app is always hung up after I input my wifi password. I’m using the 2ghz network on both phone and controller.

Saw the forums, and it seems like I’m not the first person with this issue (unfortunately, couldn’t find the solution in those archived posts). Any help connecting would be much appreciated!



Hey Victor!

I’m so sorry for the issues getting started. Did you have a chance to take a look at some of our troubleshooting steps on the Help Center? Here are a couple that might help:

:cheers: Lo


@victor - a couple of things to check:

  1. Is there a 5 GHz network also? If so, does it have a different SSID?
  2. Is WEP enabled? If so, disable and use WPA/WPA2.
  3. Have you run the RouteThis app and sent the resulting code to Rachio support. The code required to run it is RACH (I believe from memory)?
  4. By chance is there an iOS device (e.g. iPad) that can be used to test/initial configuration? Many times the iOS app is better.
  5. Does the Rachio app have full access to the Android phone? I remember situation where one poster restricted access and it prevented the app from working. Maybe delete and re-add the app or check permissions.
  6. Can a description of the WiFi setup be posted - mesh, extended, access points, make/model, etc.
  7. When standing at the Rachio, how strong is the WiFi signal?

One can request a call from Rachio support, or call them and they have some networking rock stars that will get it connected.


Thanks for the quick response guys! Looked at the two guides already, and tried those but still couldn’t connect.

In response to your questions:

  1. Yes, there’s also a dualband 5Ghz. Different SSIDs (“network name” for 2.4ghz, and “network name5” for 5ghz). I use the 2.4ghz for both phone and controller.
    2 Network uses WPA/WPA2.
  2. I haven’t tried RouteThis app, yet. I will try later today.
  3. No iOS device nearby, but I’ll borrow a friend’s tonight to try it.
  4. Yes, Rachio app has full access. I just deleted and reinstalled the app. Now when I try to add my controller, it says “It appears this controller is already in use. Please contact support for assistance.”
  5. WiFi is from a Netgear 6700 Nighthawk, connected to an Xfinity modem. No mesh, no extensions, no access points. Other devices connected to the wireless include a smart tv, ps4, and pc.
  6. Full strength WiFi signal.


@laura.bauman -

I think you’ll need to have support fix this for @victor:

Not sure how it got hung up in the system.


Thanks for more info @victor! I agree with @dlane - might be a good idea to reach out to our support team. They’re crazy good at troubleshooting Wi-Fi issues! Feel free to call at 844-4Rachio or email at



When I had a similar problem I change the wifi channel on my router from 14 to 10. Seems like Rachio don’t support channels above 12 or something. That fixed the problem for me.


Thanks for the really quick responses everyone! I’ll check my wifi channel, and will reach out to support. Thanks again!


Just an update to everyone:

did the factory rest on the controller twice, and everything is working like a charm now. love controlling the sprinklers/drip system with my phone! :smiley:

thanks again to everyone on these forums; love the product! and great support from the team!