Gen 2 - Multiple issue with Mastervalve, Wiring port and solenoids

Hi everyone,

I’ve had my Gen 2 - 8 zone for about three years in Australia and love it… until today :frowning:

I have been using 6 of the 8 zones flawlessly until today when I decided to extend my 6 port manifold behind the existing Hunter solenoids to add an extra two solenoids and zones.

After all the hard trenching was done for the new zone and the manifold extension was fitted, I went onto wire the new solenoids to the Rachio and the following has occurred (and continues to occur even after I have cut the wiring to the two new solenoids installed (in case there was something with these two new additions causing the problem - i.e returning the system back to a 6 zone system:

  1. The master valve no longer is releasing when I trigger a zone. I can feel the solenoid tick when i turn on the zone but it isn’t releasing. The Zone solenoids are triggering and opening. I know this because when I manually open the master valve solenoid, the zones start watering.
  2. One of the solenoid valves for a zone is intermittently not releasing and watering (even when the master valve is manually opened)

I have changed over the master valve to a new one just in case… same problem.

I don’t know if this is causing the issue, however when I pressed one of the wire insertion tabs on the Rachio to insert the zone 7 irrigation wire, the tab did not bounce back out and has remained stuck and depressed in the unit. I’m wondering whether this may be shorting something in the Rachio. how would one fix it. picture below

Is it possible that there is too much air in the system from having disconnected the manifolds and solenoids causing the issue?

So frustrated. It was working perfectly until I decided we needed to add lawn irrigation :frowning:

I’ve given up for the day and disconnected the Rachio. Will try get the wire tab to pop out tonight after dinner… but it’d be great to get some guidance as to how to resolve whatever i’ve stuffed up.