Gen 2 install for Rainbird ESP-M with Master valve

I thought this was going to be a 10 minute install and then I noticed the Master Valve wiring in my box and the instructions indicate something about placing the relay 15 feet away from the Rachio. I don’t see anything out of the ordinary in the Rainbird box, so am I right to assume that the relay is buried under the ground with the rest of my valve manifold?

Is it as simple as moving the zone wiring to each zone, moving the MV to M

@dmatos, looks pretty straight forward like you said, and also the white wires to the C in the Rachio.

@dmatos - Rachio mentions if one is using a pump start relay to activate a pump, which is done via a connection to the master valve terminal (M), to place the relay 15 feet away. For a regular master valve there is no relay and no distance restriction.

Just follow @gaustin 's directions. As there are multiple C terminals on the Rachio one can place one wire in each one, no need to double up the wires into one terminal. If one wants to use only one C terminal, then I’d recommend wire nutting in a third short pigtail to the two white wires and connect the pig tail to the C terminal.

And no reason to connect the unused wires on the far right of the box - just leave them disconnected in the Rachio too.

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