Gen 2 died

I upgraded to a GEN 2 as an early adopter. The unit quite working on Monday. I thought it might be the power converter, but after testing with a second one (original from my GEN 1 unit), no go. I sent an email to Rachio…no response. I sent a second email…no response. I have now had to delete my GEN 2 setting (Manufacture date FEB 16) and re-installed my GEN 1 as I am in TX and the weather is about to get hot again (rained the last couple days). I love this unit…but would like Rachio to respond so I can get the GEN covered under warranty (2 years) and switch back.

How about it Rachio!


@mckynzee - this is for you ^

Sounds like you had a power surge. There have been storms in Texas lately. Warranty fine print with most manufacturers say it is not covered. But if you are cordial, most manufacturers step up and provide a replacement.

@ebrusher - Give them a call:
Please call 1-844-4-RACHIO (1-844-472-2446). If all team members are assisting other users, you will be asked to leave a message. We return all calls within 24 hours.

@robertokc - they replaced a Rachio that caught a lighting strike. I’ve seen other postings where power adapters died and they sent those out also PDQ.

Called, waiting for additional response. Thanks much!

Rachio has excellent customer service.


Just to follow up. Rachio does indeed have excellent customer service. New GEN 2 mailed, and I am up and running with the replacement. Great service, great product and loyal customer.

Thanks Rachio!!!