Gen 2 blinking zone lights

My gen 2 is currently in rain delay from an irritrol rain sensor. Today while I was in the garage I saw the lights around the four center lights. So if you split the circle the top light on either side flashed and then the next set of lights flashed and it worked its way down to the bottom of the circle before repeating. Has anybody seen this or know what this means? From what I know the system is working correctly just haven’t seen this before and haven’t found any documentation yet.

God I hope this ends up as an easteregg.
Like maybe it is morse code for “I’m awesome”

Hahahahahahahah that be amazing.

But I have not seen this.

It is supposed to look like rain :wink:

Funny, you are the first person to notice. I believe it cycles every 30 seconds.


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Ah! Makes sense, thanks!

I noticed that today too! I didn’t know what it was either.

Any ability to change the color of the ring?

Lol, you guys.

We actually looked into multi color LEDs, significant extra cost, maybe gen 3 :wink:


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ah, not needed. Just curious if they were there and not implemented yet.

Coool!! This got me to run to my garage to see if i could see the blinking lights :slight_smile: but I don’t see anything. I guess this only comes on if the rain delay is triggered? It’s been raining all morning and my rain sensor was triggered.

Only if the system is in rain delay mode. The lights do not change if the physical rain sensor is activated (although I’ll suggest that as a change!)