Gen 2 and Google Home Mini

Does gen 2 work with Google home mini?

Gen 2 only works with Amazon Alexa, Gen 3 adds support for Apple HomeKit (siri), Google home is not (yet?) supported.

What kind of functionality are you looking for? There maybe a workaround using IFTTT (link), which supports both Google Assistant and Rachio (thereby allowing the two to interact).


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Kind of you to respond. Very much appreciated.



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Live and learn :exploding_head: :partying_face:

Hi all :slight_smile: Google Home/Assistant is a little confusing!

We do not currently work with Google Home, but we do work with Google Assistant (stay with me here).

They do pretty close to the same thing, however the Google Home integration (when we do have it) will allow you to say “Ok Google, water my lawn,” or something of that nature. Currently, with Google Assistant, you can say “Ok Google, tell Rachio to …”

TLDR; yes, the Gen 2 works with the Google Home Mini, but you have to set it up through Assistant and not through Home.

Details on the setup here :slight_smile:


Also, @LarryD, I’m going to rename the title of this thread from Gen 2 to Gen 2 and Google Home Mini so if others have a similar question, they can find this conversation :slight_smile:

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