Gen 2 8-zone unit?

Continuing the discussion from Generation 2!:

Any word on the 8-zone unit? It’s now spring and I’m starting to think about watering. I don’t see mention of an 8-zone unit on the Rachio site. Guess I missed the boat by not just getting the 16-zone for $149! :~(

I’m being told April 12th on our Web site, Amazon, and THD online. So, very soon!


Sounds good - I’ll keep an eye out for it. Thanks!


This is now available at or !


Great - thanks! Still kicking myself for not getting the 16-zone at the lower price though. I’d have definitely done that had I realized there would be no equivalent offer for the 8-zone. Maybe that could be made clearer next time. Anyway, thanks again for the update!