Gen 2 8-Zone to Rachio Black - No transfer

I’m only using 6 zones of my Gen 2 Rachio. I was not able to transfer my Zone info and schedules during setup of the Rachio Black (has 6 zones). I found a community answer that a 16 zone to 8 zone transfer was hard, so Rachio didn’t provide the option (button). I’m guessing this is the reason my 8 to 6 zone isn’t possible?

(There could be improved logic here so that if 6 or less zones are used then it could map them.)

Can someone help me transfer the settings? @franz ?

Going from more zones to less isn’t supported by Rachio for, well, obvious reasons. The transfer process doesn’t necessarily know that you are actually using all 8 zones or not, but can’t cram 8 zones into 6 automatically. It will be a manual process if this is the case.

Going from less zones to more zones, or same zones is simple.

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Don’t want to argue, but Rachio knows how many zones are in use because they are visible in the app (and in their system). It would also know how many the new system has.

Rachio has chosen to take a simple approach, using only the number of zones the model supports, which covers a majority of situations.

But since there aren’t many prior Rachio model with 6 or fewer zones, by using this logic it isn’t possible for most to transfer zones to model Black, which isn’t clear from anything I read.

I was interested in having better weather intelligence and valve monitoring, but maybe it’s not worth the trouble.

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