Gen 1 Won’t satay connected anymore

Lights look right on controller - with the WiFi flashing blue. Wifi signal is strong where controller is installed. However most of the time the app shows offline and I can’t do a Quick Run. If I keep closing and opening the app, or continuously trying to initiate a Quick Run, it will eventually go online but only for a short time.

@esuhm - I’d submit a ticket using the app or via email at so Rachio can look at the backend logs to see if there is a clue. I think the app will include the controller number and account name, which I would specify if the email option is used.

Not sure if running the RouteThis app and providing that code to support would help at this time - it might.


Hi @esuhm! I checked on your controller and it should be online right now. I’ll monitor it for a little and see if we can see why it looks llike it was offline. Thanks!!!


Thanks @dchau. I have been dealing with this for quite some time, but it appears to be working properly now. It hasn’t gone offline since your reply. So, whatever magic you applied from there - thanks!

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