Gen 1 will turn on on days not scheduled


My Gen 1 is driving me crazy. We have watering restrictions that only allow us to water one day a week (Saturday for me). I’ve set it up to run twice per day with an AM cycle and a PM cycle. Last month one of the stations stayed open and watered for 12 hours which made quite a flood. I deleted and readded the watering schedule and even removed and readded the controller. After I re-added it to the wi-fi it started losing the wi-fi connection about an hour after I got it connected. After reconnecting it about 10 times, it finally decided to stay connected, It has been running normally for the last 3 weeks.
Today (Monday) it decided to run on its own and ran one cycle in the evening.

My homepage only shows one of the two cycles (AM) but both show up on the schedule page.FYI, I checked to firmware from the app and it said N/A. The app is version 3.10.3
What can I do to get the controller and app to run normally


Hi @jerryduncan,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I’ve taken a look at your account and can see that the activity feed is indeed missing a run. Rest assured though, the schedule that has been sent down to your Gen1 is correct.

We are looking at the issue now and will hopefully get it resolved soon.

David :rachio:



We’ve looked further into this and have found that the app is actually functioning properly. Within the activity feed, we only show runs scheduled for the next two days, and if there aren’t any upcoming runs within the next two days we’ll only show the next upcoming run.

The reason being that there could be a variety of factors which affect the schedule when it is further than two days out and can be quite extensive if you had many more schedules.

Please let us know if you have any other questions/concerns!

David :rachio: