Gen 1 Shows Offline But Is Visible On Network and Responds to Pings

This is a new install with no equipment attached. I am just trying to make sure this device works before I install everything. I was able to connect it to my Wi-Fi and it generally stays connected about a day or so before it shows offline. Thinking it might be a signal strength issue I brought it inside. It failed again within 24 hours. This time I decided to try finding the device on the network and it was visible and even responded to pings. I’m convinced that this device is connected to the internet and that the issue is on Ranchio’s side or possibly a firmware issue causing it to show offline when it is, in fact, online. I’ve been talking with tech support via email but replies are sporadic and I’d like to get this resolved sooner rather than later. Thanks.

Edit: I forgot to mention that I get no indication from the device that it is offline. Lights look like they normally do when the device is showing connected.

@dbowles1975 You should be good to go. It looks like the Gen 1 was missing a link to our cloud system.

Please let us know if you have any other questions or feedback.


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Looks like it’s back online! Excellent support! Thanks so much!

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