Gen 1 Rachio consistently goes offline?

Regardless that my backyard Rachio system barely works (according to my other thread).

My Front Yard Rachio is the one that consistently goes offline. The front yard system worked correctly after I installed it and after a few months, I saw the first offline and I thought it my wireless range was not good enough and I adjusted that and gave it extra range and that may or not helped.

A couple months after, it started going offline and I reset the GFCI and plugged the Rachio back in and the lights went back on and it worked… Since then, it goes offline every few days, and recently… It literally goes offline every other day.

The “offline” notifications are ridiculous because they do not show up until 1-3 days after it had been offline. These slow notifications do not give me time to reset the Rachio and it has killed most of my plants in the front yard, including the lawn.

Are there any tips on this case? I will bring this up to Rachio when I call about my backyard system that does not work at all these days.


(I’m from the company that supplies the wireless connectivity for the gen1)

This can be done via Rachio support, but if you PM the mac address of the device we have the ability to look at devices that have sporadic connectivity and see what the wireless chip has been saying about the connection. If it’s near the edge of wireless range that sounds like it could be the problem, but with the device ID we can tell for sure.

Wifi may have been an issue after I originally installed this rachio but I added another wifi router within 20 feet away from it. I do not think that is the issue because the rachio 100% loses all connection including power. Possibly something is actually broken inside the rachio.

Oh, including power is a bigger thing then!

Power too?! Possible problem with your GFI, causing power interruptions that then drop the wifi connection? If power comes back it should reconnect to wifi not too long afterward.

I had a problem when trying to use Walmart’s MiFi unit for a wireless connection when my house was on the market and thus had no internet service. It would drop out every couple of days, and I’d have to restart the MiFi to get it to connect again, which was kinda hard as I was hundreds of miles away.

While this was not the fault of the Rachio, any of the following would help:

  • ability to set notification time to 15 minutes, 1 hour, or 1 day;
  • ability to invoke troubleshooting based on MAC address, as mentioned earlier in thread
  • ability to fall over to another (preconfigured) network

This year, due to other causes, we were without a connection for three months. I was happy to see that the device adjusted watering times monthly even without connection.