Gen 1 -> Gen 3, worth the upgrade?

Honest question, I really like my Rachio Gen 1.

You get more accurate weather prediction and 5GHz WiFi, you can hook up a water flow meter. Then there is this yard mapping feature, don’t know what it does, and you maybe get that if you add a flow meter? Not sure about that. I guess you do get it if you buy the 12-zone one from Costco.

I love new shiny things, but do ppl think it is worth it? Is there a measurable water savings over Gen 1? Anything else?

I am actually not being critical here. Just seems to me this is attractive to new customers but really not existing customers for the price. Maybe if they offered a trade-up discount or something.

Any thoughts?


There is no reason rachio can’t do this to gen 1 and gen 2 devices. This is all done in the cloud and has nothing to do with the actual device. This is bascially a typical apple move…

I love my gen 1. Still works great. No need to upgrade and spend more money and time when you have a working product. Now if they bought back my gen 1 and applied the credit to a gen 3, that would be a good reason to upgrade. But, since I set up my gen 1, it’s been a set it and forget it situation which I love.

Are you listening Rachio? Those of us with gen 1 would love to be at gen 3 but for the cost. Here’s a thought. Maybe a credit for those of us that took a chance on a new product and our experience and reviews and word of mouth (I know I am personally responsible for at least two Rachio purchases out there) help make you what you are.

There is honestly very little differences between the generations anymore. At one time, they had certain features that were only available in the Gen2/3 units, but that has all changed I believe. I see no differences in the settings available to me on my Gen1 or Gen3 units (I have multiple of each). Small hardware upgrades between them, but nothing that makes a noticeable difference.