Gen 1 -> Gen 3, worth the upgrade?

Honest question, I really like my Rachio Gen 1.

You get more accurate weather prediction and 5GHz WiFi, you can hook up a water flow meter. Then there is this yard mapping feature, don’t know what it does, and you maybe get that if you add a flow meter? Not sure about that. I guess you do get it if you buy the 12-zone one from Costco.

I love new shiny things, but do ppl think it is worth it? Is there a measurable water savings over Gen 1? Anything else?

I am actually not being critical here. Just seems to me this is attractive to new customers but really not existing customers for the price. Maybe if they offered a trade-up discount or something.

Any thoughts?


There is no reason rachio can’t do this to gen 1 and gen 2 devices. This is all done in the cloud and has nothing to do with the actual device. This is bascially a typical apple move…

I love my gen 1. Still works great. No need to upgrade and spend more money and time when you have a working product. Now if they bought back my gen 1 and applied the credit to a gen 3, that would be a good reason to upgrade. But, since I set up my gen 1, it’s been a set it and forget it situation which I love.