Gen 1 end of life

Received an email that Rachio will no longer support Gen1 controller.

will the Gen1 still receive weather updates?
as long as it connects to wifi, will the Rachio app still control zones, schedules, etc?

To me, it sounds like the controller just won’t get any more firmware updates, but maybe @franz or @dane can elaborate a bit more.

Thank you for being a valued Rachio customer and continuing to use our first-generation controller. Unfortunately, due to the outdated platform that runs these older controllers, it has become cost-prohibitive to maintain them. As such, we will no longer be supporting or providing updates to first-generation Rachio controllers. You can continue to use your device without any future updates, or you can upgrade now to save money while getting exciting new features not available on the first-generation controller.

Hi there!

First, I want to say thanks for being a long-time Rachio customer. I understand the concern you have about the continued functionality of your Gen 1 controller. I’m happy to answer your questions.

I can answer both of these questions. We don’t have any current plans to remove in-app control of Gen 1 devices and Weather Intelligence features will continue to work. However, that might be the eventual outcome in the long term as a result of the controller no longer receiving software or firmware updates. To reiterate, we don’t have current plans that would lead to that outcome.